Toshiyuki FUKUDA

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Children's Book, "Tower Man" (written by Hungarian author Marek Veronika)

Ninja Boy One's Heart Beats Fast CD Cover (Moonriders - Mighty Moon)
Journey of Donkey Mr. Terra Mr. Tomofumi

Toshiyuki FUKUDA

Born 1967 in Osaka, Japan.
B.A. in Design received from Osaka University of Arts.

Toshiyuki Fukuda's illustrations have appeared in Japan on numerous publications, greeting cards, calendars, T-shirts, major event and movie posters, as well as record / CD covers for several years. He illustrated the book cover for "The Minotaur takes a Cigarette Break" (by Steven Sherrill) and published a children's book "Towerman" in collaboration with a Hungarian author of children's books, Marek Veronika.

In his own words, Fukuda says, "My work gives people a happy sense of nostalgia. I try to infuse originality and mass appeal into my work at the same time."


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